Now That You Got My Attention, What Do You Want: Making the Compelling Argument to the Boss When Budgets Are on the Line

On-Demand, available until May 16, 2020
Recorded May 9, 2019

Categories: Measurement & ROI, Techniques & Tactics

You have been working months on your research and your rationale for your killer campaign and finally you get that coveted ½ hour with the boss to make your case. Now what?

Instead of sweaty palms and sleepless nights, this webinar will teach you the top 5 mistakes to avoid when you finally get to make the pitch to the boss, along with tips for acing your presentation.

Today, we are being tasked with providing more quantitative data, more analysis and more reporting. But we also have little time to spend on exploring all the details. So, when you have the attention of the decision makers, you need to make metrics and numbers more relevant, meaningful and memorable. And that is where data visualization becomes your secret weapon. When done right, data visualization can help your colleagues and your boss not only understand and retain information, but it also lends credibility to your message.

Join us for this webinar to learn the importance of data visualization and gain valuable tips to improve the delivery of data and analysis in your presentations to impact how you are perceived.

And nothing builds collaboration like storytelling.  Data storytelling allows you to build your case, and answer the all-important questions your boss is going to ask such as:

  • What is working?
  • What is not working?
  • What will success look like?
  • What will I get for my money?
  • And in all cases – WHY? 

By mastering the art of data visualization, you can build trust and respect, gain credibility, and create collaboration among your peers and your colleagues. It may not get you the promotion you are hoping for, but it may get you the budget approval you wanted from the boss!


Cyndi W. Greenglass, senior vice president, strategic solutions, Diamond Communication Solutions, an OSG Company

With a strong track record in data-driven communications, strategic planning and database development, Cyndi Greenglass helps clients develop, execute and measure their customer communications with a close focus on user acceptance strategies. She has razor-sharp strategic skills matched by impeccable on-the-ground savvy and tactical abilities. These qualities have enabled her to build a successful company and reputation in critical compliance and regulated communications.

Greenglass is frequently quoted in publications and is a consistent contributor to books, white papers and articles by leading thought leaders in B2B lead generation and marketing.

Over the past ten years, she has taught, trained and presented at over 50 conferences throughout the world. She has presented to every regional and national marketing group in the U.S. as well as running private label training for MetLife, Stanford University, the European DMA, and China Post. Greenglass is an adjunct professor at West Virginia University Reed School of Media in data-driven communications and at Aurora University in advanced internet marketing and integrated marketing communications



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