The Strategy Cascade: Harnessing the Power of Conversation

On-Demand, available until April 18, 2020
Recorded April 11, 2019

Categories: Communication Strategy, Executive Level, Leadership & Management

Business strategies are challenging messages to communicate, especially with large, diverse and globally dispersed teams. For Dell’s product and supply chain business, the Strategy Cascade connects leaders and teams to the business strategy by way of authentic conversations — not campaigns, presentations or talking points. Leaders and teams have an opportunity to talk about the strategy in small groups so that it resonates with their day-to-day responsibilities, holds meaning over time and elicits action.

We know that in many organizations, being able to articulate your business strategy is a key driver of employee engagement, retention and satisfaction. We also know that most organizations struggle in two key areas of communicating strategy — the message and the process. First, many companies communicate a strategy that is full of complex business management jargon, changes year after year or lists KPI after KPI, and ultimately leaves their employees in either confusion or disillusionment. If the organization is able to craft a message that’s relevant and resonates with all employees, they often fall short in making sure everyone understands what it means in the context of his or her day-to-day work. This webinar will showcase a study with Dell Products & Operations on their experience in executing the Strategy Cascade over the past three years by reviewing what factors led to determining this approach and the experience and research that stands behind the Strategy Cascade process. Additionally, this webinar will outline the key rhetoric criteria for creating strategy messages that resonate with employees and describe the process of cascading such strategy messages throughout the organization. Lastly, this presentation will explain how to encourage local interpretations, solicit team feedback and hold leaders accountable for making sure their teams understand how they fit in to the organization’s strategic direction.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Define the communication research that supports the Strategy Cascade process including the common challenges in communicating business strategy across large, diverse and dispersed teams.
  • Identify and develop solutions for these challenges.
  • List examples of effective and ineffective strategic messages and understand the rhetorical criteria for crafting messages that resonate with diverse audiences, drive behavior and help employees accomplish business objectives.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the concepts of unified diversity and strategic ambiguity and the roles they play in 1) creating effective strategic messages, and 2) symbolic leadership communication.


Michelle Mosmeyer, P R Mgr, Dell Computer Corporation

Diana Petrovich, managing director, CRA, Inc


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