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Membership FAQs

What are your different membership categories, and how much does it cost to join PRSA?

CategoryDescriptionFeesAnnual Cost
Associate MemberAMPG: Former PRSSA member, recent (within two years) college graduate. Learn more$60 annual dues $60
AMGS: Full time graduate student working towards a PR degree. Learn more$60 annual dues$60
AM1: Professional working in PR (or a related practice) for less than a year. Learn more$115 annual dues$115
AM2: Professional working in PR (or a related practice)  between one and two years. Learn more.$155 annual dues$155
AM3: Professional working in PR (or a related practice)  between two and three years. Learn more.$200 annual dues$200
MemberM: Professional working in PR (or a related practice) for more than three years.$255 annual dues + $65 initiation fee$320
  • Are you part of an organization that has five or more individuals interested in joining?  Group membership offers special benefits and discounted rates on first-year dues. Contact
  • Active member renewing your PRSA membership? The initiation fee is waived. Renew now.
  • Former member rejoining PRSA? Reinstate your membership now.  
  • Retired? Contact to see if you qualify for reduced PRSA dues.

Am I eligible to join PRSA?
If you spend a substantial portion of your time in one or more of the designated practice areas below, or if you teach/administer a public relations curriculum at an accredited college or university, you are eligible to join PRSA. If unemployed, refer to your most recent position.

Practice areas include:

  • Community relations
  • Consumer affairs
  • Corporate communications
  • Public affairs
  • Employee relations
  • Financial communications / investor relations
  • Government relations
  • Institutional / corporate advertising
  • Integrated marketing communications (IMC)
  • Media relations
  • Public relations counseling
  • Public relations management and administration
  • Public relations teaching
  • Research and 
  • Special events.

How do I join PRSA?
Join online or download a membership application.

Is there a PRSA membership application that I can send or email in?
You can download a copy of the PRSA membership application here
Send your completed application to:
120 Wall Street
21st Floor
New York, NY 10005-4024
You can also fax your application to (212) 995-0757, or email it to

I am a current member. How do I add a Chapter or a Professional Interest Section to my membership?
Log in to MyPRSA and click here to add a Chapter. Click here to add a Professional Interest Section.

How do I renew?
Click here to renew your membership. You can also download a copy of the membership application and renew by mail, email or fax. 

My membership has lapsed. How do I reactivate it?
Log in to MyPRSA and proceed with Membership Application.

Does PRSA offer group or corporate memberships?
We offer group memberships for five (5) or more individuals joining from the same organization. These are individual memberships purchased in a group. For more information, contact

How do I pay my dues in installments?
Current members can pay their National and Professional Interest Section dues in four quarterly payments.

Do you offer discounts for unemployed members?
Yes we offer the Hardship Program if you’ve been a member for three or more years and are unemployed or temporarily disabled. To participate, download the Hardship Plan application. Any questions, contact Member Services at (212) 460-1400 or

What is my login and password for MyPRSA?
Click "Retrieve it" next to "Forgot your login?" on the MyPRSA webpage.

How do I update my contact information?
Log in to MyPRSA and edit My Contact Info.

Can I change my name online?
Name changes cannot be done on the PRSA website. Please contact for name change requests.

How do I change my email preferences?
Log in to MyPRSA and edit My Email Preferences.

What is my membership ID number?
The seven digit number found on your MyPRSA profile, renewal receipt and on your membership card. Contact Member Services at (212) 460-1400 or for additional assistance.

How do I join the National LinkedIn group?
Create a LinkedIn account and select the PRSA National group. This group is only available to our members.

How do I get an invoice or receipt for my dues payment?
Contact Member Services at (212) 460-1400 or

I renewed my dues but received a notice that I haven’t paid. What can I do?
Contact Member Services at (212) 460-1400 or to confirm that National has received your dues.

How do I transfer my membership to another individual?
PRSA membership is nontransferable, unless you are part of a group membership. If you are part of a group membership, contact for assistance.

How can I receive a copy of PRSA’s W9 form or tax ID number?
Send an email to

How do I cancel my membership?
If you received a renewal notice, you can mark “cancel” and return it, or contact Member Services at (212) 460-1400 or Dues are nonrefundable.