Renee Wilson discusses how real-time engagement has reset the market. Digital technology is causing cultural shifts and consumers are demanding more instant information. She explains what this means for PR practitioners and how to manage these changing news channels. To stay relevant, you must meet the challenges of connecting with audiences in real time, leading engagement and moving business forward.

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Ten years ago, PRSA’s Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) rewrote the Society’s Code of Ethics. To celebrate 10 years of the code helping to guide ethical behavior, we invited the former members of BEPS to revisit the challenges they faced in drafting the new code.

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A different kind of existential threat to the American — and international — standard of living exists today. It is national, or “sovereign,” debt here and around the world. As John Paluszek, APR, Fellow PRSA, writes, it’s not a stretch to assign so systemic an issue even partly to PR professionals.

After recently returning from the Middle East, David R. Holdridge, CEO of the international civil society organization Bridging the Divide, spoke with the Global Alliance about the events unfolding in Egypt and the global implications for social media. In the following excerpt, Holdridge discusses how communities are empowered through these new tools and his predictions for the Middle East.

Authentic Influence

  • An Interview with Christopher Graves
    Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide’s Global CEO, Christopher Graves, spoke with The Strategist on Oct. 18 after presenting a workshop titled “Powerful Storytelling to Drive Business Outcomes” at the 2010 PRSA International Conference in Washington, D.C. Here are some excerpts from our video interview with Graves.

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  • Charlene Li’s Open Leadership Advice
    In her keynote address at the 2010 International Conference, Charlene Li presented her ideas on how today’s leaders can best adopt developing social technologies. Here are some excerpts from Li’s video interview with The Strategist.

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