Smart companies are using the economic crisis as a way to connect with employees, despite the need to make painful decisions. Others are taking advantage of a brightening financial picture in order to build a new sense of community. Here’s what they’re doing.

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Searching for that “job well done” feeling

Praise has been hard to come by lately. After a tough year working harder than ever in a business where outcomes are often intentionally murky, it’s exhilarating to hear that you have exceeded the expectations of someone who has been in the trenches with you. If you did not experience that feeling as much as you would have liked in 2009, then consider these four paths for those in search of more praise this year.

An analysis of five commonly held beliefs about managing crises that erupt online

Within the past few years, empowered networks have taught us about the new requirements of online crisis management. What has been learned so far has been quickly codified into core beliefs. Since the networked world is in its relative infancy, we must continue to expand our thinking on each of these beliefs and adapt to the changes yet to come.