A Trio of Tests: Opportunities for the Asking -- Proving Value, Gaining Credibility and Maintaining Ethical Standards

Publication Date: 2007, Spring

Source: SO02 Public Relations Strategist
Product Code: 6K-020701
Organization/Author/Firm: Mark Weiner
Specialization(s): Ethics / Research - Evaluation
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It has been said that there are no challenges on this earth, only opportunities — an adage that applies to the current state of public relations.

While the profession continues to face challenges, PR professionals are optimistic, according to the State of the PR Profession Opinion Survey sponsored by PRSA and Cision US, Inc., formerly Bacon’s Information. One affirmation is the belief that our CEOs recognize the ability of public relations to propel the organization forward in terms of reputation, market share and financial success. Having CEO support is an important foundation upon which to build, but we must overcome a trio of tests if we are to be truly professional.

Proving value, gaining credibility and maintaining ethical standards are the three greatest challenges in public relations, according to more than 1,500 PRSA member and nonmember respondents from all levels within for-profit, nonprofit and government PR departments and agencies.