A New York Giant: Howard J. Rubenstein on 50 Years in Public Relations

Publication Date: 2004, Summer

Source: SO02 Public Relations Strategist
Product Code: 6K-020404
Organization/Author/Firm: Davis, Theressa, APR
Specialization(s): Firm Management / Ethics
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The photos on the wall of Howard J. Rubenstein’s corner office in midtown Manhattan represent a who’s who of corporate and political titans. They portray seemingly everyone who helped build New York City, the state and the nation, from real-estate magnates to well-known politicians.

Yet, to simply list all of the business leaders Rubenstein has worked with over the years does not explain his appeal.

Rupert Murdoch, Sarah Ferguson and George Steinbrenner, for instance, didn’t hire Rubenstein just because he is a PR professional who works with the famous and powerful. They hired him because of his simple yet effective approach to public relations: Do the right thing. Urge your clients to do the right thing. Build bridges. Treat everyone with respect. Protect confidences. Operate with inflexible ethics and integrity, but cooperate to solve disputes.