The Cost of Disengaged Employees: What Can You Do to Fix It?

October 13, 2016


When employees are disengaged at work, it can be costly — according to Gallup, actively disengaged employees cost the United States between $450 billion and $550 billion in lost productivity per year. On a more personal level, disengaged employees are far less likely to advocate for their companies, take risks at work and optimize their productivity. Unfortunately, these are the employees who lack passion, energy and diligence. And when these things are missing, it doesn’t take long for your customers to notice.

While CEOs and company leaders often understand the value of this lost productivity, getting them to do something about it is a different story. They may understand the implications of disengaged employees on the business, but if the connection between investments required and results achieved isn’t clear, then employee-engagement programs won’t get off the ground.

Getting senior leaders on board and actively participating requires boiling down the most important aspects that will move the needle on employee engagement, and creating easy-to-execute ways to get them involved in the process.

Below is a quick framework that we developed and have found to be successful for helping communications leaders secure the necessary support and participation from the corner office:

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