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July 22, 2016


Creativity Tips From ‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Hamilton,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, is a huge hit on Broadway, earning millions in ticket sales. In a June 10 post on Fortune, the show’s creator, composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda shared some insights on the creative process.

One is that when you have a fresh perspective, see it through. “Hamilton” isn’t the first show to combine hip-hop and musical theater, but that pairing has usually been treated as a joke, Miranda said. He used hip-hop structures to shape his storytelling. The musical form “allows you to pack in a ton of lyric,” he said, and that narrative density has resonated with audiences. Another tip: Don’t be afraid to take your time. Miranda reportedly spent six years writing “Hamilton.”

Be open to unlikely sources of inspiration. The musical’s memorable opening piano riff, repeated throughout the show, is based on a door squeak. Believe in yourself, stay true to your vision and ignore the naysayers. Before “Hamilton” moved from off-Broadway to Broadway, Miranda temporarily appeased critics by saying he’d shorten the show’s nearly three-hour runtime.
In the end, he decided to stick with his original idea, and audiences don’t seem to mind the show’s length. At the beginning of an ambitious creative project, he said not to paralyze yourself by thinking about everything that will need to be done. Just take that first step.

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