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On Leadership Communication: The Lie Communicators Should Stop Telling Leaders (or at Least Stop Telling Themselves)

December 17, 2015

[neill webb/ikon images/corbis]
[neill webb/ikon images/corbis]

“I have no ego.”

I first heard a professional communicator say this when I was 23 years old, just out of college with an English degree. I was an aspiring poet and novelist working for a trade publisher that put out Speechwriter’s Newsletter.

How could it be possible, I wondered, for a writer to have no ego? The question was urgent to me, as my own ego was under assault.

After all, it hadn’t been my fond dream to be a cub reporter for a weekly newsletter that went out to a few hundred people nobody knew existed. No, I went to work there because Bowler’s Journal had turned me down.

But though this work did not sate my literary ambition, it was interesting enough. I sensed I was learning a lot, and I gave of myself fully.

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