New Communications Archetypes: ESPN Showcases 3 Innovative Ways to Meet PR Demands

April 14, 2015

[digital vision/getty]
[digital vision/getty]

As the need for strategic communications capability grows, the profile of the ideal candidate is changing. What should the new practitioner look like? And once hired, how will management direct these new communicators toward fulfilling the organization’s mission?

Perhaps part of the answer involves redefining practitioner archetypes. During an internship at ESPN last summer, courtesy of the Plank Center Educator Fellowship, this practitioner-turned-educator seized the opportunity to study some of the network’s archetypes up close. After several weeks of observing ESPN’s corporate communications department, it became readily apparent that success does involve roles and behavior, but it is just as much a matter of motivation and outlook as it is capability. And at ESPN, those personality archetypes fit into three categories: the Team Player, the 360 Communicator and the Innovator.

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