‘If Only I Had the Funding to…’ PR and Advocacy Professionals Need to Know How to Follow the Money

April 14, 2015

[ikon images/corbis]
[ikon images/corbis]

How often have you connected with a new or existing client and heard, “If only I had the funding to…”? Or you’ve taken the big idea to your boss, only to have him or her tell you that there’s not enough money in the budget.

As PR and advocacy professionals, learning best practices to help our clients or in-house organizations alleviate their funding issues is critical to the future of our profession.

A highly valued skill that all communicators and advocates should try to master is how to effectively identify, pursue and secure funding, whether it is a federal competitive grant, foundation award, corporate donation or individual gift. Mastering this talent can make you a much more versatile and valuable consultant. Successful fundraising builds brands, makes news, and allows for innovation and sustainability.

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