Taming Big Data: Start by Asking What Customers Need

December 31, 2014

[ikon images/corbis]
[ikon images/corbis]

A phrase that returns about 70,600,000 search results on Google, “big data” is very much on the minds of corporate America. Touted as the next big thing, it’s often viewed by business executives as the silver bullet that will deliver the edge they need to stay competitive. Now, whether selling a product, improving customer experience, forming public policy, disrupting a killer disease or changing long-held cultural beliefs, organizations can collect big data and extract nuggets from it that help them achieve their goals, transforming how brands and causes are communicated and marketed. Data is all around us, becoming more and more part of our daily lives, but it’s just data until it’s humanized by asking stakeholders what they need. That’s what gives big data its context and value.

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