We often get caught up in the measures we are trying to achieve in the overall pursuit of more sales and increased market share. But what we’re really in the business of doing is building fan bases for the brands we represent.

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The Need for More Women in Power

From a Shakespearean character to a ghostbuster, there are some roles that we don’t automatically envision women occupying. Presenting new versions of them is part of what contemporary and cutting-edge public relations should be.

Mike Fernandez on Achieving Diversity Goals

Mike Fernandez recently retired from Minneapolis-based Cargill Inc., where he served as corporate vice president, corporate affairs for the past six years. Here, Fernandez talks about driving leadership and reaching diversity goals.

“I fell in love with the arts early in my childhood, so I wanted to have any job that would allow me to work near greasepaint,” says James L. Anderson, senior vice president of communications at Turner. Today, he serves as the company’s chief spokesperson.

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