Can you be the award-winning designer and contractor for building a new brand image for your organization or client?

With all the communications tools available today, every PR professional has the opportunity to become a great teller of the brand story at every level.

Tom Gable, APR, Fellow PRSA, shares six basic steps that can help you develop your own approach.

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Lou Capozzi, APR, Fellow PRSA, discusses why it is increasingly important for the PR profession to stand as a reflection of the diverse clients, audiences and communities that we serve.


Making Old Words New Again

"If you can make someone feel, then you can make them care. If you make them care, then you will be in a far better position to make them listen," writes Karen Friedman.


Courtney Dreyer, APR, J.D., is senior manager of contract compliance and trade secrets at DuPont Pioneer in Johnstown, Iowa.

This past fall, she also won the grand prize — an all-expenses-paid trip to International Conference — in PRSA’s Winning National Network Sweepstakes.

In this month's edition of Profiles in PR, she talks to Tactics about corn and compliance.

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