Editorial Coordinator Kyra Auffermann spoke with professionals from several executive recruiting firms to take the pulse of the current job market. Despite the country’s economic uncertainty, the experts say that job prospects for PR professionals are improving as company leaders become more confident about their budgets and financial prospects. Here, she shares advice about picking a specialty and honing your skills, as landing a PR job in today’s market requires flexibility and strong fundamental communications skills.

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The Stanley effect: How to work with a curmudgeon

Rarely do we escape the matrix of the business world without a “person who will remain nameless.” This person acts like they get paid to spew negativity. While you wax poetic, they wane problems. He or she is not pleasant like the curmudgeon “Stanley” (played by actor Leslie David Baker) on the hit NBC show “The Office.” Here, Elizabeth Ireland provides tip to help anyone who works with a “Stanley” make the most of their situation.

The ART of the short story

In this month’s “Writing with Wylie” column, contributor Ann Wylie explains how to measure your readers’ time and how long it will take to read your piece. Using vice president and senior scholar at The Poynter Institute Roy Peter Clark’s idea of ART — or average reading time — can help you think like your readers, she says. Here’s how to apply Clark’s concept to your copy by establishing, measuring, reducing and reporting your ART.

Dan Higgins just celebrated his 12th year working for the Golf Channel, based in Orlando, Fla. He’s currently the senior director of public relations and corporate events for the company. In this month’s “Profiles in PR” column, he talks to News Editor Amy Jacques about how the Golf Channel has evolved since its 1995 beginnings, how to keep fans engaged, the future of public relations and the latest social media developments with the channel.

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