Chris Brogan, a social media consultant, author and president of Human Business Works, is in the top five of the Advertising Age Power150, has nearly 200,000 Twitter followers and has already been added to more than 12,500 Google+ circles. In preparation for his keynote address at the PRSA 2011 International Conference, Oct. 15-18, in Orlando, Fla., Brogan spoke with Tactics about how businesses can use social media to personalize customer relationships and expand their brands.

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The pervasive rise of social media has rendered anonymity obsolete, creating endless potential crises for communicators. PR practitioners must take action and convince their clients to embrace transparency — because it’s already here. The following suggestions from Curtiss Olsen, APR can help you navigate online risks and manage your message online.

The Google+ factor: Battling for social network supremacy

Competition for users is fierce as social media mania settles into normalcy and users can only manage so many profiles. New networks continue to emerge and compete for attention and lucrative market share, defined by impending IPOs and monetization. Here, Ryan Zuk, APR, tries to sort it all out.

Chances are, you've used the Weather Channel to check the forecast online, on TV or on the go. One of the the top-five most-distributed cable networks, the Weather Channel has evolved to meet the demands and the opportunities of the digital age. Here, David Blumenthal, director of communications, discusses social media, expanding coverage and ways to keep your brand exciting.

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