PR agencies that understand what it takes to lead inspire their employees to be willing participants — partners in making the agency thrive. PR leaders have to develop their skills at the highest level to compete in today’s environment. Adopting these 12 leadership qualities will help build a company that will not only survive, but will also thrive.

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The Daily show: PR pros embrace the first iPad newspaper

The Daily is embracing the digital shift away from traditional news outlets by offering their audience a new way to consume and interact with content. In this month's Digital Dialogue column, Ryan Zuk, APR, discusses the exciting opportunities this platform presents for PR pros.

The vital role of emotional intelligence in public relations

The ability to be attuned to others as we make decisions and navigate through organizations is measured by our emotional intelligence. When it comes to making a public statement or working with a client, failure to use good emotional judgments can derail our careers; but PR professionals can work to study, practice and improve their emotional intelligence. 

Kim Mitchell, APR, chief communications officer for The Museum of Modern Art, was always interested in art at an early age. Mitchell came to work for MoMA in September 1997 and this September will mark her 14th year at the museum. For this month’s “Profiles in PR” segment, Mitchell discusses reaching audiences of various backgrounds, creating content for today’s on-the-go consumer, implementing new social media initiatives and building the MoMA brand through public relations.

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