It’s not every day you can hang out with George Clooney in the pressroom. But for Leslie Unger, director of communications for the Academy Awards, it’s just part of the job. It’s not all glamour — strategic planning is required before, during and after the event. Unger spoke to Tactics in the hectic days leading up to the awards ceremony. Here, she discusses social media, protecting your brand and the cultural importance of the Oscars.

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Q: What’s a new tool for public relations? A: Quora

Quora is a Q-and-A site that allows members to collaboratively contibute knowledge. Highlighting wit and expertise, the startup boasts high-quality content and a unique user culture. If you have something to offer and play by the rules, Quora offers the opportunity to engage a dynamic community and showcase your brand.

Digital differentiation

Social technology has the power to differentiate you from the crowd and attract attention to your message — but first you must make the online experience come to life for your audience.  In this month’s Digital Dialogue column, Ryan Zuk, APR, talks with Amy Martin, the CEO of Phoenix-based Digital Royalty, about how to use digital media to achieve results.

Gaming is growing, thanks to the proliferation of social media, smart phones and location-based services. More than entertainment, today’s games are meaningful experiences that allow players to connect with others, strengthen skills or even support a cause. Read on to learn about this rapidly expanding niche and social gaming’s opportunities for communicators.

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  • Public Relations Needs More Diverse Voices
    As many Americans look to honor and celebrate Black History Month, diversity will get a little more attention than it typically enjoys. And while the advances many organizations have made in minority hiring should be applauded, there is one internal function that could benefit from the addition of some different voices: communications.

Social Media

  • Blogged Down: What makes a good blog
    Blogging isn’t easy – many bloggers quit after becoming frustrated by the time demands and lack of immediate gratification. Like other PR tools, blogging requires dedication, work and patience. Here, Sherrie Bakshi gives you some tips to help you create and maintain a successful, rewarding blog.
  • Tweet Talk: Twitter dos and don’ts for businesses
    Follow these tips from Susan Gunelius to make sure you’re making the most of Twitter as a marketing tool for your business.

Writing with Wylie

  • Anatomy of a 21st-century News Release: 5 tips that work
    Today’s online release is more than stagnant copy — you need to use precise, compelling language to drive Web traffic, catch bloggers’ attention and inform your readers. Follow these five tips from Ann Wylie to make the most of your release.

Inside PRSA

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Ask the Professional

  • Office Space: Returning to corporate culture
    If you decide to return to the office after working on your own as an independent practitioner, you’ll have to adjust to a new wardrobe, a new schedule and a new set of office politics. In this month’s Ask the Professional column, Ann Willets offers tips to help you successfully adapt and succeed in your new job.

On the Case with...

  • Wynona Redmond
    Each month, as part of “The Business Case for Public Relations,” PRSA asks a leader in the profession to reflect on his or her career and make a “business case” for public relations.