Wendy Pearl, VP of corporate communications for the Nashville, Tenn.-based Country Music Association, runs the show from the behind the scenes. Her responsibilities include managing all CMA media initiatives, including the CMA Awards. Here, she speaks with Tactics News Editor Amy Jacques about the daily demands of her work, the rise of citizen journalists and fostering relationships between artists and fans.

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Meeting Warren Buffett: One PR student’s story

Business Wire recently named 21-year-old Jenna Marie James — a telecommunications student at Muncie, Ind.’s Ball State University — as the winner of its 50th Anniversary student video contest. Here, she talks with Tactics about the contest, her plans for the future and what it was like to meet Warren Buffett in New York City.

Communicating change required in digital era

Today, customers endure increasingly-rapid changes to the features and privacy settings of ubiquitous services like Facebook and Netflix. But without the right communication strategy, these adjustments can lead to viral online backlash. In this month’s Digital Dialogue column, Ryan Zuk examines these tactics so you can foster relationships with your audiences and create more enthusiastic constituents.

Relying on strategic planning, building buzz and creative storytelling, the Academy Award’s Best Picture campaigns hold many lessons for PR pros. Here, Silver-Anvil winner Mark H. Osmun shares tips from inside Hollywood that can help you achieve big-impact results in a short period of time.

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