2011 PRSA Chair and CEO Rosanna M. Fiske, APR, spoke with PR Tactics Editor-in-Chief John Elsasser at PRSA’s headquarters in New York on Dec. 7 about the New Year. In this edition of “Profiles in PR,” Fiske discusses her leadership style, the growth of the profession, increasing diversity and PRSA initiatives for 2011.

At the PRSAY blog, Fiske discusses PRSA's 2011-13 Strategic Plan. You can find out more about our future here.


Mobile’s challenges for digital communicators

The expansion of mobile devices is changing how consumers use the Internet. In this month’s Digital Dialogue column, Ryan Zuk,APR, explains why you need to customize your content to make it accessible for your on-the-go audiences.

Learning made easy: Find the right research

By finding appropriate existing information, you can reduce the expense and duplication of creating original (or primary) research. Frank Oviatt, APR, explains what motivates research and how to articulate a strategic research question, and provides source ideas for data collection and analysis. Here’s how you can connect the dots and take the next step with your research.

Want to achieve your New Year’s resolutions this year? Just do as I do: Resolve to watch more reality TV, says Ann Wylie. Here, she introduces her new monthly column for PR Tactics, “Writing with Wylie,” and provides five writing resolutions you should make today.

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  • The Growing Gay Market
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  • Preparing for Your Performance Review: 10 Review Mistakes and How to Fix Them
    Elizabeth Sosnow draws on her PR leadership experience to tell you how you can make the most of your performance review. By staying focused, reflective and open, you can turn this nerve-wracking experience into a positive opportunity for constructive feedback.
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  • When Does it Pay to Work for Free?
    Pro-bono activities can prove to be beneficial for both the PR agencies and clients involved. Follow these suggestions from Betty Weibel, APR to create a rewarding opportunity without becoming overwhelmed.