In today’s competitive market, many job seekers are using Twitter as a job-hunting resource. PR professionals share similar stories of using Twitter to tap into the job market by networking, branding themselves, displaying awareness of current events and industry trends or simply stating that they are looking for a job to garner the attention of hiring practitioners.

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Embracing Twitter’s role in government 2.0

PR professionals working in the public sector are encountering a fresh challenge: managing the Twitter activity of the elected government officials whom they represent. This case study with California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell can help ease the Twitter learning curve for politicians becoming part of creating, sharing and responding to Web 2.0 content.

Discovering the hidden gems of the social Web

While it is difficult to measure the success of tweets and status updates, another social format is proving to be a measurable, effective way to reach consumers when they are forming opinions and making purchase decisions: online forums. Forums are the hidden gems of the social Web where product conversations can be integral instead of intrusive.

Leading PR agency executives gathered for a panel discussion titled “The Business of PR” presented by The Economist and 92YTribeca on Nov. 12 in New York City. The session started with a discussion of the state of public relations and noticeable changes in the profession and then went on to cover the blurring lines between the advertising and PR professions, the decline of print journalism and the new rules of media engagement.