Career Corner: Who’s Mentoring Whom? Be a mentor — you might learn something

Publication Date: 11/2009

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-110904
Organization/Author/Firm: Laura Perry
Specialization(s): Career Development
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I responded to Shel Holtz’s call to give back to the profession and mentor a PR college student. A short time later I was introduced to my mentee.

I had already imagined the dynamics of our relationship. I, the wise PR executive with nearly 30 years of PR and journalism experience, would impart my words of wisdom onto this eager student looking for guidance in the PR world. I would provide advice on career strategies, write a résumé and network, introduce her to my contacts and offer support.

Instead, this relationship was a role reversal, and I ended up being the one who received the mentoring.