Career Corner: Developing Resumes for Senior Practitioners

Publication Date: 8/2009

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-080902
Organization/Author/Firm: Mara Woloshin, M.A., APR, Fellow PRSA
Specialization(s): Career Development
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Carefully crafting your résumé is essential for securing the interview you need to land your next job in this difficult economic climate. Senior communications professionals need to sell their skills, achievements and personality. Start your résumé with a 100-word career summary before listing your job history. Career summaries demonstrate your style, experience and expertise. If you have a blog, Web page or Twitter account, then mention them at the end of your career summary to build credibility. Career summaries are unique to each individual, and you can adjust yours to highlight specific strengths. Search the Web for samples and ideas. (Monster.com features several examples.)