Career Corner: Show Your Worth: Become An Asset To Your Boss

Publication Date: 05/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-051015
Organization/Author/Firm: Rick Kiernan
Specialization(s): Career Development
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The value of your work is best communicated through recurring updates. Optimally, these would be face-to-face, showcasing your interpersonal communications skills.

During these updates, take a comprehensive approach toward the issues that affect the organization as a whole. Include recommended solutions for emerging issues by offering pre-emptive considerations.

A thorough understanding of the programs and policies of your organization will prepare you to speak outside your department. By identifying challenges and offering resolutions, you facilitate the organization’s success — and, by association, the success of its leaders. However, remember that as you tell the organization’s story — the boss is the main character, not you.

The following advice will help you provide value to your boss.