How To Create A Successful Public Service Project

Publication Date: 05/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-051012
Organization/Author/Firm: Kristan Allen
Specialization(s): Public Service
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DO send out a request for proposals. Not only does this raise awareness of your Chapter and help identify organizations that are excited to work with you, but it also helps better define what services you need to offer as part of the project.

DO establish goals first. Working backward and identifying goals first will make it easier for your Chapter to focus on activities that will help to achieve the most important objectives.

DO share the wealth. Get other area organizations involved. This is a great way to meet other members of your local community that you may want to work with again.

DON’T be afraid to suggest new ideas. Many organizations are excited to try new things like social media, but haven’t done so because they lack the proper knowledge and skill. Offering strategic counsel can help them break into new activities that they can utilize on their own.

DON’T hesitate to engage new members. Public service projects are a great way to get Chapter members of all levels of experience involved; they can be a fun icebreaker for introducing new members to Chapter activities.

DON’T forget to take credit. As you reach out to media or community members on behalf of your public service organization, don’t be afraid to tell them how PRSA is involved in helping the organization. Your public service committee is doing a great ser-vice for a local organization in need and this can lead to good publicity for your Chapter.