Lessons In Leadership — And Life: A PR Leader’s Words Of Wisdom

Publication Date: 04/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-041002
Organization/Author/Firm: Ed Menninger, APR, Fellow PRSA
Specialization(s): Leadership
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A senior-level PR professional offers 10 lessons that have consistently guided him in managing teams and in advising clients.
Lesson 1: Context Always Trumps Content.
Lesson 2: Give Them What They Ask For. Build Trust. Then Give Them What They Need.
Lesson 3: Good Work Is Sometimes Punished.
Lesson 4: You May Glance Back Quickly, But You May Not Stare.
Lesson 5: We All Need Someone In Front Of Whom It Is Safe To Be Dumb.
Lesson 6: Blessed Is He Who Writes The First Draft.
Lesson 7: If I Am Not For Myself, Then Who Will Be?; If I Am Just For Myself, Then What Am I?
Lesson 8: The Mantra For A Speech: I’m Glad I’m Here. I’m Glad You’re Here. AND, I Know That I Know.
Lesson 9: Behavior Is Truth.
Lesson 10: Three People Can Keep A Secret If Two Of Them Are Dead.