The Top-10 Grammar and Usage Mistakes of Press Release Writers

Publication Date: 4/2006

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-040625
Organization/Author/Firm: June Casagrande
Specialization(s): Writing
Tactics: Press Releases
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Press release writing is the most difficult type of business writing because it’s done for the toughest audience. Unlike stockholders reading corporate earnings reports or magazine subscribers reading advertising copy, many readers of press releases actually look for mistakes. They’re journalists and editors who’ve dedicated their lives to words for words’ sake. They’re people who might have considered going into PR themselves but dismissed the idea as selling out. So even the most well-written press release can fall on deaf ears if it contains small errors in grammar, punctuation and style.

How do you escape the ire of people dead-set on dismissing you? Don’t give them fodder. The errors most likely to undermine you and your message are easy to understand and, with a little effort, avoid. Here are the top 10.