Going Green in 2010? Communicate your environmental achievements in the New Year

Publication Date: 01/2010

Source: SO01 Public Relations Tactics
Product Code: 6C-011010
Organization/Author/Firm: Nathan Schock
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Everywhere you look these days, you can see shades of green. What was once a small movement is rapidly becoming part of everyday life.

For example, consumers are looking for greener products. A recent Shelton Group survey found that 60 percent of American consumers are seeking out green products, and 66 percent said that they didn’t curtail their green spending when the economy slumped.

The growth of green has significant implications on how we do business and presents new challenges for communicators. Though more companies seem to understand the need to communicate their sustainability efforts, most could improve their efforts.

At times, this challenge seems to be magnified by the changing media landscape. The number of media channels is multiplying — especially niche outlets that focus mostly on the environment. With an increasing number of Web sites, blogs, forums and social media platforms, how does a communicator start to provide the information that they’re looking for while avoiding the dreaded “greenwash” label?

I asked the following question to eight prominent green bloggers:

“In a world that is paying more attention to the environmental footprint of the products they buy and the companies that they do business with, what advice would you give to PR professionals who are seeking to communicate their company’s progress toward sustainability?”

Here are their answers.