Balancing Act: Lessons From Being a Teacher, Student and PR Pro — All at Once

October 2, 2017


Pardon me while I catch my breath. In addition to consulting (and my role as past chair of the Counselors Academy), I’ve been perched on both ends of the PR professor-student spectrum simultaneously this year.

I teach social media to PR students at Seneca College in Toronto while also being enrolled in a joint program at McMaster and Syracuse to earn a master’s degree in communications management. So while my students fret about the assignment deadlines I set, I stress over my prof-induced deadlines, too. As I’m marking my students’ projects, my own work is being graded. The experience has given me a humbling, reciprocal empathy that I hadn’t felt before.

Like a character in an episode of “Black Mirror,” I’ve had the opportunity to live student, academic and professional roles all at once. But unlike in that British science fiction television series, I know that I’m just one of many people who have walked this route before me. I’m sure other folks on this multidimensional treadmill have also discovered that it provides a wonderful vantage point from which to reflect and gain a fresh perspective.

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