When Life Happens: Pushing Through It

May 1, 2017


It can be hard enough to focus on work when you get bad news, but if you’re independent and your entire business oftentimes depends on your mindset, the stakes can be much higher.

Every day, an independent learns of the loss of a friend or a family member. Doctors tell independents of diagnoses they’d rather not hear. PR pros have to manage major setbacks involving kids, spouses and parents, all the while being expected to perform in their work.

What makes these challenges tougher for independents is that if they shut down, the entire business stops. Even with back-up, at some point, it’s up to each independent to decide to dig deep and get on with the business of business. This requires mental toughness that is not unlike that of an elite athlete who must block out the distractions of life, even for a little while, to train and compete.

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