Should You Start a Solo Practice Right After College?

October 31, 2016


The difference between “can” and “should” could be the difference between success and going down in flames.

“Can” you start your own independent practice right out of college? Yes.

“Should” you? That depends, but before you decide, a little tough love may be in order.

Let’s address “can” first. There are thousands of new graduates each year who enter the workforce with superior abilities in the digital area. Many quickly find jobs in that niche, and they get a sense of the bigger picture from there. Because of the constantly changing nature of the digital space, it’s possible for others to turn a digital freelancing gig into a full-time consultancy. With a little expertise in SEO and some friends in the business, a few have even grown their practices to the point of hiring other recent grads as employees.

This can create a level of overconfidence that ultimately can lead to trouble.

Some entry-level entrepreneurs may have majored in public relations, so they don’t think of themselves as digital specialists, but rather as PR generalists. Because they have achieved early success with digital projects, skipping the entire process of learning from their own mistakes or from experienced PR pros, they’ve come to conclude that experience is overrated and that the field will follow their lead.

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