What Food Can Teach Us About PR and Measurement

October 31, 2016

[Courtesy of Elizabeth Stoltz]
[Courtesy of Elizabeth Stoltz]

During the week, I’m a PR researcher surrounded by charts and surveys, data points and reports. But on weekends, I cook; the units of measurement I deal with aren’t dotted along a chart, but are measured by tablespoons and kitchen scales.

However, for two weeks as a Ketchum Global Scholar, I had the opportunity to combine my passion for food with my background in PR research and measurement. With the Ketchum and Access Emanate San Francisco offices as my home base, I worked on a wide range of food clients and explored as much Californian (and Burmese, Korean, Mexican, French, Hawaiian) cuisine as I could. Now that I’m home, I’m pleased to share some “food for thought” reflections, inspired by meals in San Francisco that were not only delicious, but also inspired me to think differently about public relations.

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