Public Relations Tactics

Understanding Brands and Influencer Relations

September 1, 2016


I built my career by working in PR agencies that represented B2B clients — everything from enterprise technology to risk management, human resources and even insurance. Media relations was my bread and butter. However, I switched over to consumer technology when I moved in-house, and I had to learn how to tackle a whole new side of media relations — influencer relations.

Once you’re representing brands that are consumer-facing, you need to understand whom your audience is listening to. Key endorsements from trusted sources are usually part of the PR mix, and in consumer public relations, you’ll still be pitching more traditional media and bloggers. However, now there are influencers who might have thousands of followers on Instagram or Snapchat, who see and interact with their content daily. They are too big to ignore. Working with influencers takes a similar approach as media relations does, but there are several differences that could make or break your campaign.

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