The ‘Wow’ Factor: How to Keep Clients Happy

August 3, 2016


How do your clients feel about you? I mean really feel about you?

Whether you work at an agency with external clients or at an organization with internal ones, how your clients feel about you is critical. And while annual client “check-ins” or more formal reviews have a place, my agency has learned (the hard way) that a regular gauge of client happiness, or lack thereof, is best for all involved.

To accomplish this, we ask our account teams to regularly — meaning monthly, if not weekly — pause for a few minutes and take the “Meeting Reminder Test.” It’s not a written essay or a multiple-choice exam, but rather a thought experiment:

Imagine that your client is in the middle of writing an important email to her boss. She has lost track of time and what’s next on her schedule. Then, a meeting reminder pops up on her screen and she instantly recalls that her next meeting is with you. At that exact moment, what goes through her head? More specifically, what does she feel? Is she thrilled because working with you is focused, productive and upbeat? Is she feeling dread because you seem to complicate her life rather than make it easier? Is she wishing she had called in sick because your lack of knowledge about her needs and her industry is headache-inducing? You get the idea.

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