Making It Count: AMEC Measurement Recap

July 5, 2016

The 2016 AMEC International Summit, the profession’s largest measurement event, took place in London this year, and I had the pleasure of attending along with my Ketchum colleagues, clients and measurement peers.

Since the conference began in Berlin in 2009, it has continued to grow, attracting some of the top minds and companies in our profession today. I walked away with new peers and a curiosity of what is next for our growing, and perhaps challenged, profession.

This year’s summit addressed a key issue companies and organizations face: how to make measurement relevant. Titled “Making Metrics Matter,” the conference addressed a question we ask ourselves as measurement professionals. How do you convince skeptical audiences, externally and within your own company, on the importance of metrics?

To kick off the conference, we reflected and remembered Don Bartholomew, a true thought leader and believer in metrics whom we lost last year. After listening to a number of sessions and workshops, I began to understand that although we know we are doing groundbreaking work, we are still growing. We haven’t yet won respect from the C-suite, earned regular allowance or gained the necessary knowledge. Here are a few other things we learned:

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