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Op Ed: Vote With Your Words

April 1, 2016

Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos

It was hurricane season in Miami and I was, perhaps unsurprisingly, stuck in a storm. The agency I was working for had planned a media screening for a new Spanish-language TV show and we were forced to cancel at the last minute. Long story short, I took shelter from the rain to call scores of reporters at Jorge Ramos’ house.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Ramos was the news anchor ejected from Donald Trump’s Iowa press conference last summer for inquiring about the candidate’s immigration policies. Trump had the Emmy Award-winning journalist and 30-year industry veteran taken out by security with the derisive quip, “Go back to Univision.”

That bothered me to no end, not just because I’ve worked with the U.S. Hispanic community for 15 years and know how well Univision serves local communities of Spanish-preferring people, but because I had gotten to know Ramos as a person. He wasn’t just some talking head from TV or a name on a media list to me.

Ramos is a gentleman, almost as though from another generation. He is a father, an author and the evening news anchor of one of America’s leading networks. (It always ranks in the top four with ABC, NBC and CBS.) I had the pleasure of dining with him a few times during that whirlwind trip to Miami. I spent the afternoon in his kitchen with photos of his children tacked up by the phone. He is the author of 10 books, mostly focused on immigration to the United States. So in that terrible national media moment when he was dressed down by none other than Trump, the son of an immigrant himself, I felt indignant.

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