How to Fall Back in Love With Your Job

February 1, 2016

[jetta productions/blend images/corbis]
[jetta productions/blend images/corbis]

It’s Monday morning, and your alarm goes off at 6 a.m. It’s time to wake up, shower and get in the groove for another full week of work. Five days of the same tasks over and over and… you get the picture.

For some people, this is never the case. Mondays are full of excitement about the enjoyable workweek ahead. But for many — even in the ever-changing, fast-paced world of public relations — it’s normal to get bored with a job and question whether or not it’s the right fit.

The good news is that these ruts don’t last forever. If you’re falling out of love with your job, then here are seven ways to spice things up and reinvigorate your PR career:

1. Work on what you love. If your passion is writing, but you’re stuck doing social media, then talk to your superiors to see if you can work on more press releases or content creation. Oftentimes, they don’t even realize you’re feeling stuck, and speaking up to point out your strengths will help make sure you do your best work possible for the team.

2. Look for new opportunities within the workplace. If you’re bored with day-in, day-out tasks, then find new ways to get involved at work. Whether you lead the charge on employee volunteering or join a workplace committee that runs an internal mentoring program, getting more involved will present new challenges to keep you engaged while helping you stand out to company leaders.

3. Relish in your successes. It’s easy to get burnt out when you’re only focused on the negatives like what you need to improve on, your most recent mistakes or how you compare to your co-workers. Instead of beating yourself up, take a minute or two to relish in your successes. Print out a big placement that you landed and put it in your “wins” folder, or call your mom to tell her about a flattering email from a supervisor. Positivity is integral to workplace satisfaction, so make sure that it’s part of your weekly routine.

4. Find a mentor. Don’t rely solely on yourself to stay motivated; find a mentor to challenge you and push you along on your path to career success. You can find a mentor in your own workplace, or through professional organizations like PRSA. Once you find the right mentor, work with him or her to set up goals and an action plan for ongoing achievements.

5. Pursue passions outside the workplace. Work is an important part of your life, but it shouldn’t be the only part. Pursue your passions and interests outside that 9-to-5 job. If you love animals, then volunteer at the local zoo or take a class on zoology. If you’re into soccer, then join a team at your city’s recreation center or through sites like Meetup. The happier you are outside of the workplace, the happier you’ll be inside of it, too.

6. Make time for learning. To keep yourself engaged, find new areas to become a specialist in. Many companies have ongoing education programs, and they’ll cover your attendance at industry events or your participation in an online class or seminar. Ongoing education will keep you excited, motivated and competitive in the workplace. If your company won’t pay for ongoing education opportunities, then you can either present your idea to a supervisor (explain how your attendance at this course will benefit the company), or find hundreds of free webinars and podcasts online and through professional organizations.

7. Talk to your supervisor. If you’ve tried everything and you’re still feeling burnt out, then set up a meeting with your supervisor. Explain how you’re feeling, what’s missing, and what you like and don’t like about your job. Your supervisor could either help you figure out a path to happiness within your company or help you confirm that despite all your efforts, it’s time to start looking for a new gig. Either way, being open and honest will show your supervisor that you have the company’s best interest at heart.

Will ongoing education or mentorship make waking up on Monday morning painless? Probably not. But once you’ve had that vital morning coffee and you’re into your reinvigorated groove, you’ll notice a happier, more motivated work mentality that keeps you smiling and satisfied all week long.

Stephanie Vermillion

Stephanie Vermillion is a content marketer and journalist in the New York City area. She’s the founder of Stephanie Vermillion Studio, and you can follow her work at @StephanieVermillionStudio on Instagram.


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