Wading Through Press Release Quotes

October 29, 2015

What’s the least important element in a press release — less important than even the dateline or the boilerplate?

Quotes, according to one in four reporters surveyed in a 2014 study by Greentarget. According to Greentarget's research:

  • 13 percent of journalists never use quotes from releases.
  • 31 percent rarely use quotes from releases.
  • 28 percent use quotes from releases only when they’re on deadline and can’t get an interview.

So what’s their beef with the quotes? Fifty percent of the respondents complained that the language doesn’t sound natural, while 34 percent say the quotes aren’t substantive enough.

“Please don’t make me wade through a bunch of boilerplate, taglines and patting-ourselves-on-the-back quotes to find out if the news release is relevant,” begged one of the surveyed journalists.

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