The Growing Power of Keywords: A Hidden APR Benefit for Independents

September 1, 2015

Something has happened in recent years with regard to the value of my PRSA Accreditation credential: It’s gone up. While I don’t have a scientific explanation, I do have an educated guess guided by experience.

Since I was first Accredited in 1990, every now and then someone would mention the credential if they noticed it on my business cards or letterhead. This usually occurs when I work with allied professionals such as lawyers, accountants or financial planners. They would ask what “APR” stood for, and most seemed satisfied to learn that our profession had such a program in place. These professionals take so much pride in meeting their own industries’ licensing or certification standards that, to varying degrees, some have found PRSA’s Accreditation reassuring.

Still, this doesn’t explain why I’ve seen a slight, but noticeable, increase in online queries I’ve received recently from people who mention the credential. For me, it appears the driver for this newfound appreciation is search.

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