Hire a Mentor: Maximizing Your PR Relationships

May 1, 2015

[johner images/corbis]
[johner images/corbis]

One of the people I respect most in the PR profession launched his own independent practice not long after working at a big firm as an assistant account executive. To his credit, he bootstrapped his way into building what has become a full-service agency that has competed for marquee accounts and has won its share of professional kudos. My friend is a rare exception.

Most independents who start their own PR firms do so only after building up a track record of strong performance, years of experience and a solid network that can drive business growth. These are individuals who have had words like “senior” or “vice president” in their titles before going solo. Such standing gives them the credibility they need to sell the one thing all independents must sell: themselves.

When clients hire independents, they will have some immediate needs to address. But one sometimes-overlooked benefit is that independents can offer additional value as mentors.

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