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Editor's Column
Robert I. Wakefield, Ph.D., APR

Social Media and Strategic Communication: A Three-Year Study of Attitudes and Perceptions about Social Media among College Students
Bobbi Kay Lewis and Cynthia Nichols

Integrated Influence? Exploring Public Relations Power in Integrated Marketing Communication
Katie R. Place, Brian G. Smith and Hyunmin Lee

Developing an Integrated Crisis Context Approach for Crisis Management
Elizabeth Johnson Avery and Melissa Graham

Conspicuous Corporate Social Responsibility
Dejan Vercic and Ansgar Zerfass

Communicating Compassion: A Narrative Analysis of Compassion International’s Blogger Engagement Program
Lisa K. Lundy

Examining Nonprofit Strategy for Fundraising on a Social Media Platform: A Content Analysis of Top 10 U.S. Nonprofit Power Brands Fundraising Efforts on Facebook
Alisa Agozzino and Katherine R. Fleck