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Communications Audits

Scott, Peter R., APR. How To Conduct An Effective Social Media Audit, ComPRehension, October 3, 2014.

What are the big areas of risk that need to be audited?  Though the social space continues to move at a very rapid rate, the six areas that have the most concern today are: brand and reputational risk, regulatory compliance, strategic risk, information leakage, third party risk and governance risk.

Hollister, Peter, and Patricia Trubow.Your Organization is Ready for a Communication Effectiveness Study — Are You? Public Relations Tactics, July 2005.

A well conceived communications audit, or communications effectiveness study is an effective management tool that helps target messages, media and audiences and improves the effectiveness of communications efforts.

Hart, Rebecca.Measuring Success: How to Sell a Communications Audit to Internal Audiences, Public Relations Tactics, April 2006.

Communications research programs often start with a communications audit, a method of research that determines how your core audiences perceive your organization. With this type of high-quality research, you’ll get strategic information to take your communications program to the next level. But the challenge is: How do you sell the audit (or any other research initiative) to upper management when you’re already fighting for every implementation dollar you can get your hands on?