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The Business Case for Public Relations is intended to foster more accurate and better-informed perceptions of public relations’ roles, outcomes and value among key stakeholders. Making the case for public relations starts with you, as public relations professionals must serve as the catalyst for reshaping internal and external perceptions of our profession.

The resources and tools available here are intended to motivate and empower you to demonstrate public relations’ value to your fellow practitioners, clients, management and other key constituencies. You can use this information to:

  • Dispel the measurability myth.
  • Advocate for ethical conduct.
  • Discourage the use of pejoratives.
  • Organize editorial board meeting with your local media.
  • Pitch new business or campaign for larger budgets.
  • Educate your clients or key influencers within your organization about the critical business outcomes that public relations is capable of driving.
  • Prepare blog posts, op-ed pieces and white papers.
  • Organize lunch and learn sessions.
  • Reach out to local government representatives.
  • Garner recognition for outstanding programs.
  • Demonstrate the greater public good served by the profession, especially on pressing social issues such as cancer awareness and prevention, drunk driving, obesity and smoking.