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The Business Case for Public Relations

Driving Industry Recognition and Growth

An important part of our mission at PRSA is to foster more accurate and better-informed perceptions of the value and role of public relations in the diverse organizations it serves. One way we are approaching this is through an industry advocacy campaign: The Business Case for Public Relations™.”

The framework for The Business Case for Public Relations was created with the help of public relations industry leaders. The goal is to drive industry recognition and growth by helping professionals in the field educate key audiences about public relations’ roles and outcomes, demonstrate its strategic value and enhance its reputation.

Over time, this initiative will come to include research, practical tools, influencer and media outreach and targeted career development opportunities. It also will celebrate the positive influence our industry has had in the service of the public good.

Why Undertake Such a Campaign Now?

Public relations is more vital than ever before, given the explosion of consumer engagement through new and social media, the collapse of reputation and trust in major institutions and the evolving needs and concerns of corporate CEOs. At the same time, though, the industry continues to suffer criticism at the hands of individuals who do not understand the practice and application of public relations.

How Can These Resources Benefit You?

The Business Case for Public Relations will make you a better professional, more fully equipped to explain public relations' roles, outcomes and value. These benefits apply to professionals at all career stages, as well as to the industry at large.

The resources and tools that PRSA is assembling here also can be used to help you:

  • Measure the attitudinal and behavioral impact of your public relations programs.
  • Sell-in public relations services to your clients or senior management.
  • Communicate the roles, outcomes and value of public relations.
  • Create a better understanding and appreciation for what we do as a profession.
  • Capture a greater share of your clients' or organizations' investments in marketing and communications services.
  • Change entrenched attitudes and perceptions about the practice of public relations.
  • Arm yourself with information on the latest industry research, trends and techniques.
  • Establish industry-specific evaluative benchmarks.