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2019 PRSA Marketing and Digital Communication Conference

Dec. 5–6 | Scottsdale, Ariz.

Friday, Dec. 6 | 10:30–12 noon | Closing Keynote

Relentless Adaptation: How Great Companies Are Really Innovating to Win

How can communications professionals adapt to win? We obsess over innovation. But if you look at the smart companies that are prized for “innovation,” you see that they are actually masters of “adaptation”—of knowing when to adjust, when to speed up, and when to capitalize. It’s not about being first; it’s about being flexible. In this thrilling talk, Amber Mac looks to leading organizations to explore the practice of relentless adaptation. How can public relations and communications professionals take advantage of the disruptive new technologies, social media platforms, and automated marketing processes that are transforming the way we communicate today? From digital storytelling to real-time marketing, communications is changing at a rapid pace, and Mac has had her ear to this fertile new ground for years. Fusing new concepts like crowdsourcing and gamification to a timeless strategic framework, this big picture talk sheds light on how communications professionals can adapt, and win, in an economy that prizes attention as its most valuable currency.


Amber Mac

Amber Mac, Relentless Adaptation & Digital Innovation Speaker, Co-Host of the AI Effect