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PRSA 2019 International Conference

Innovate. Inspire. Engage. Influence.

Oct. 20–22 | San Diego

PRSA 2018 International Conference Tracks: Tools & Techniques

Skill-building training for messaging, writing, relationship-building, pitching, word-of-mouth, speechwriting, storytelling, and digital tools and techniques.


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Sunday, Oct. 7
2:45–3:45 p.m.
Professional Development Sessions Set 1
PR in the Age of VR, AR and Holograms
Room: Lone Star C, Floor 3
Sunday, Oct. 7
4:45–5:45 p.m.
Professional Development Sessions Set 2
Monday, Oct. 8
11:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m.
Professional Development Sessions Set 4
Monday, Oct. 8
5–6 p.m.
Professional Development Sessions Set 6
Ten Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier
Room: Lone Star F, Floor 3

Improve Your Brainstorming Methods to Win More Business

Lone Star H, Floor 3

If content is king, then creativity rules the world. Learn how to redefine your creative process and win more business in this fun and entertaining session that will provide practical brainstorming tips to help you and your team think and act differently.

Keith Green, APR
Vice President, B2B Communications & Partnerships, Guinness World Records

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Lessons From the Inside: How to Effectively Sell Your Function Internally

201, Floor 2

Gregory Zimprich
Director of Global Finance Communications, Medtronic

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More Voices = Better Media Coverage: Magnifying Your Reach Without Sacrificing Strategy

Lone Star G, Floor 3

Stacy Armijo
Chief Experience Officer, Amplify Federal Credit Union

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PR in the Age of VR, AR and Holograms

Lone Star C, Floor 3

Cathy Hackl, APR
Futurist (VR, AR, MR, XR), You Are Here Labs, Co-author, "Marketing New Realities"

Sarah Tourville
CEO, Media Frenzy Global

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How to Successfully Engage Your Company to Ensure Public Affairs Success at the Local, State or Federal Level

203, Floor 2

Rick Callender
Deputy Officer, Office of Government Relations, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Rachael Gibson
Director, Local Government Affairs, Santa Clara Valley Water District

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Viral PR: How Data Studies Inform News and Syndicate to Shape Industries

Lone Star G, Floor 3

Joelle Kaufman
CMO, Dynamic Signal

Chris Kelly
CEO, Survata

Sam Moore
Public Relations, Sam Moore Communications

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Bridging the Space Between Message, Metrics and The Masses – Clever Ways To “Connect the Dots” And Drive Stronger Results With Integrated Communications

401, Floor 4

Communications professionals may struggle to align their work with sales, SEO, digital marketing, lead generation and other areas of the organization with a direct impact on the bottom line. Adapting an integration mindset can help boost campaign metrics and position communications as a key contributor to profit and sales.

Bonnie Harris
Owner, Wax Marketing; Adjunct Professor, Reed College of Media, West Virginia University

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Earn More Positive Media Coverage in 2019

Lone Star E, Floor 3

Michael Smart
Principal, MichaelSMARTPR

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Writing That Wins … Writing That Wows

208, Floor 2

Tracy Zampaglione, APR
Public Information Officer, Orange County Corrections

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Creating Content That Works: How to Get — and Keep — Employees’ Attention

203, Floor 2

Christopher Hannegan
Independent Senior Adviser

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Exploring Global Applications of Public Relations

Lone Star D, Floor 3

This panel will discuss the global nature of the public relations practice. Speakers will highlight global applications of public relations practices such as managing international expectations of corporate social responsibility, fashion diplomacy influence on a country’s image, and a government’s health communication efforts to prevent the spread of global epidemic.

Alexander V. Laskin, Ph.D.
Professor in the Department of Strategic Communication, Quinnipiac University

Antoaneta M. Vanc
Associate Professor of Strategic Communication, Quinnipiac University

Laura E. Willis
Assistant Professor of Health and Strategic Communication, Quinnipiac University

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How PR Pros Can Own Visual Storytelling in an Overloaded World of Content

205, Floor 2

Jerred Ziegler
Content Manager, MediaSource

Kevin Volz
Strategy & Analytics Manager, MediaSource

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Ten Advanced Speaking Tips to Supercharge Your Next Presentation

204, Floor 2

Rob Biesenbach
Corporate Communications Consultant, Rob Biesenbach LLC

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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Communicators: Communicating in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Lone Star H, Floor 3

This session will cover what AI is, how it's affecting communications roles, what the future of AI looks like and will dive into several AI technologies communicators are already utilizing today including keyword matching, anomaly detection, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis.

Rick Lombardo
director, Enterprise Media Intelligence, LexisNexis

Stephen Iddings
Vice President and CTO, Business Insight Solutions, LexisNexis

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Say “Yes, And” to Gain Improv Skills

205, Floor 2

Sally Hartman, APR
Vice President Of Communications, Hampton Roads Community Foundation

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Ten Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Lone Star F, Floor 3

Kate Snyder, APR
Principal Strategist, Piper & Gold Public Relations

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Public Relations and Multimedia: Five Steps for Success Anyone Can Do Right Now

203, Floor 2

Dan Farkas,MBA
Instructor of Strategic Communication, Ohio State University

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Become a Project Management Ninja With Your Communications Activities and Deliver Outstanding Results for Your Client

203, Floor 2

Tracy Imm, APR, ABC
Director, Corporate Communications, Erickson Living

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