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PRSA 2019 International Conference

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Oct. 20–22 | San Diego

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Viral PR: How Data Studies Inform News and Syndicate to Shape Industries

Professional Development Sessions Set 2

Short Description:

In today’s hyper-competitive news landscape, your news and thought-leadership content often fall on deaf ears. Hear how one study established a billion-dollar industry benchmark with more than 10k+ media hits annually, and learn how you can create, execute and pitch data studies that go viral and drive PR, marketing and sales.

Long Description:

Every communications professional knows how difficult it is to secure one media hit that tells your narrative — let alone multiple — with the constraints of today’s newsrooms, and when you’re not an industry behemoth. However, the right data study can inform news, create new industry benchmarks that are cited daily, build better media relationships and even define your very industry. In this session, you’ll hear how a consumer study on Amazon became a viral media sensation, reshaped the e-commerce conversation and introduced one of the most recognizable metrics in business. Chris Kelly, co-founder and CEO of market research firm Survata, Sam Moore, principal PR consultant from Sam Moore Communications, and Joelle Kaufman, CMO of employee communication and engagement company Dynamic Signal — the architects behind the Amazon study and many other industry benchmarks — also will provide: a breakdown of the elements that go into a data study; a road map for conceptualizing your study; a guide to verticalize its media-relations strategy; and tips on seeding the data into your marketing-communications initiatives. Anyone who is looking to “own” their own statistic is wanting to seize the narrative in a noisy space, or is preparing for a new “category creation” will want to attend.


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Joelle Kaufman, CMO, Dynamic Signal

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Chris Kelly, CEO, Survata

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Sam Moore, Public Relations, Sam Moore Communications

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