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PRSA 2019 Counselors Academy Conference

May 5–7 | St. Pete Beach, Fla.

Sunday, May 5 | Noon–4 p.m. | Pre-Conference Session*

Grow, Run and Protect a Stronger, More Profitable Agency: The Best of Counselors Academy

First-time conference attendees can register for the pre-conference session FREE
by using code CAFIRST18. 
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This special pre-con session brings together some of the most highly rated speakers from past Counselors Academy conferences for a master’s course on how to build and manage a stronger and more profitable agency.

Grow:  Learn the six reasons why your agency must have a written new business plan, and how to create one that will change how you think about finding and winning new clients.

Speaker:  Ken Jacobs, CPC, ACC, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching

Run:  A look at the most critical elements of building and maintaining a profitable agency, and the key financial ratios agency leaders need to monitor to manage intelligently and maximize the bottom line.

Speaker: Darryl Salerno, CEO, Second Quadrant Solutions

Protect: Gain practical advice on how to protect your agency against common but often-overlooked legal dangers, from the clauses that belong in every client agreement to safeguarding our people, client relationships and intellectual capital.

Speaker: Sharon L. Toerek, Esq., principal, Toerek Law

People: One of the most challenging aspects of running an agency can be employees and how to manage them.

Speaker: Molly Eyerman, founder & CEO, Vivo Growth Partners

*This is an additional ticketed event not included in the conference registration.