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IBM'S Watson Takes On "Jeopardy!" - Days That Changed the Face of Computing   Add to Cart Secured Document - MyPRSA Login or Purchase Required

Publication Date: 2012
Product Code: 6BW-1203A14
Organization/Author/Firm: IBM
Category: Special Events - Observances 7 days or less / Special Events - Observances
Industry: Technology / Business Products
Tactics: Feature Stories / Facebook / Internet / Magazines / Social Media / Newspapers / Video Programs
Outcome: Employee recruitiment / Building brands / Reputation management

2012 Silver Anvil Award Winner — Events and Observances - Seven or Fewer Days — Business Products

For three days last February, millions of TV viewers were glued to their seats watching a computer named Watson compete against -- and defeat -- "Jeopardy!’s" two greatest champions. The event gave IBM a rare opportunity to communicate to consumers, but came with the daunting task of communicating a complex technology. IBM’s strategy, to humanize Watson via behind-the-scenes access to its creators, paid off. Those three days on "Jeopardy!" resulted in widespread global media coverage, a burnished corporate reputation, significant sales revenues and the emergence of an unlikely pop culture icon that also happens to be changing the face of computing.

Events and Observances (Seven or Fewer Days) includes programs or events scheduled for one to seven consecutive days (not including planning and preparation). Events may include commemorations, observances, openings, celebrations or other special activities, and must occur within a time span of one week. "Business Products" are companies that derives half or more of their sales from manufacturing product.

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